What I Can Teach You About Medallions

August 10, 2016

The Use of Alcoholic Anonymous Recovery Coins Alcoholic Anonymous is represented by an acronym AA. Alcoholic Anonymous is made up of men and women who have the same experiences, hope, and strengths and share them amongst themselves. The fellowship works together to help others in recovering from alcohol and to help solve their common problems. To elaborate how far a person has been in their sobriety, most Alcoholic Anonymous members use a piece of a particular color or alloy constituting difference in time that a person has been sober. This coin is a gift donated to an Alcoholic Anonymous representing the number of times that one has remained sober. Chips used by alcoholic anonymous are made of different colors to inspire the individual. The tokens issued also act as a reminder for one’s journey in sobriety. In ancient times, people also carried with them the sobriety coins so as to remind them of their commitment to remain sober. The practice of giving out chips shows the will and the desire of one to quit drinking.
Why People Think Medallions Are A Good Idea
The narration of the origin of sobriety coins remains complex with no evidence of how it started.
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It has been said that the coins and medallions originated from Indianapolis in 1942. Alcoholic Anonymous was not the first firm to use the sobriety coins. However, other societies in the past years gave out chips too, especially to those who had the desire and willingness to stop addiction. Sister Ignatia, who was a nun by then in Akron, also gave out coins with a mark of a sacred heart to her patients in a hospital. Sister Ignatia did this so as to help her patients to seek God’s salvation. The recovery coins were being used a lot in the states, and this made the private companies start producing and selling them to the consumers. There are 13 major coins issued to all the people within their first year of sobriety. Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated in remembrance of the last time they took beer. The birthdays and anniversaries differ based on the type of the group that one is a member. Having being set up in 2010, The Token Shop has been running both daytime and at night in the United States of America. It is one of the shops operating in the state that sell medallions, tokens, recovery token and chips to people willing to have a commitment to sobriety. Monthly and anniversary medallions and fancy tokens are also available here. There are also shipping options for customers based in different countries. The products’ costs are also cheap and reasonable. There are a wide range of products to choose from that are offered by the shop that includes; alumni alcoholic anonymous chips, bronze coins, starter chips, wristbands and pokers chips among others.