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June 6, 2016

Weird But Effective Ways to Lose Weight

Need to lose weight? You’ll need to put in some serious effort because that’s how it goes for real and sustainable weight loss. No pain, no gain. Of course, you don’t have to make things so boring. You can always insert one easy and odd yet effective tactic here and there on your regimen.

Consider these tips below:

1. Hang a mirror on the wall that fronts your place at the dinner table.
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One study revealed that eating in front of mirrors reduced the amount people consumed by almost 34%. When you look at yourself as you eat, you are someone reminded that you should go easy because you are trying to reach a particular goal.
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2. Eat more in the morning than at night.

In a certain study, a group of obese females had breakfast packed with 700 calories, lunch having 500, and dinner containing a mere 200. Another group consumed the same meals but in the opposite sequence. By the 14th month, the big-breakfast group became lighter by 18 pounds, while the big-dinner group only shed seven.

3. Photograph your food.

Instead of listing down each morsel, take a picture of it. A visual account is said to help you curb your appetite.

4. Make it wrapped candy.

Based on a Swiss study, people would have 30 percent less candy if this needed unwrapping. It takes some effort to remove the wrapper, making noshers crave less.

5. Sniff an apple.

You may feel ridiculous, but it works. This technique was actually the focus of an experiment which was participated in by 3,000 volunteers. It was noted that the more frequently the subjects sniffed, the less hungry they became, allowing them to lose around 30 pounds each. One perspective is that sniffing the food makes your brain think that you’re actually eating it.

6. After dinner, get a vanilla-scented candle lit up.

The aroma has been proven to relax cravings for sweets. By wearing vanilla-scented patches, a group of 160 volunteers actually reduced their weight by 4.5 pounds.

7. Make blue your favorite color.

There’s a good reason you won’t see a lot of restaurants with blue walls or d?cor – the color suppresses appetite. According to a study, people eat 33% less in a blue room because bluish light can make food look less attractive. So dress in blue while you eat, use a blue tablecloth, paint your dining walls blue, and so on. On the other hand, stay away from yellows, oranges and reds because studies show they can build up your appetite.

8. Turn down the tunes and the lights up.

Restaurants aren’t just dim lit to create a romantic ambiance; they do it to make their customers order more food. Low lighting somehow eases eating inhibitions. In terms of music, soft tunes encourage leisurely chewing, which means you chew longer and satiate your appetite faster. As a result, you lose weight.

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June 22, 2016

You Can Be a Businessman with Web Designing

There is a person who has been in the IT industry for 15 years, got interested in computers from the gift of his parents, that led to him to start his web design company at the the age of 16, studied computer science and finance, and the rest is history for this creative person. If you are one of those creative people who love tinkering their computers for a living or business, then web design is for you, and here are some information and guidelines.

There are many disciplines and skills to maintain and produce websites. There are various parts that cover web designing and these are interface design, graphic design, authoring with software and standardized code, search engine optimization and user experience design. All aspects of web design are sometimes specialized by some designers, however, most of them usually work in groups with each designer tackling one aspect different from the others.

Web design refers to the design process involving front-end design of a site with writing mark up. Know that web design is more complex than web engineering since it has a wider scope in website development.

The Hyper Text Markup Language, also termed as HTML, plays an important role in web design because it shows the content of the website, from paragraphs, images, headings, and so on. Commonly referred to as CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, this display language is used to enhance the appearance of the content using colors and fonts.
In dealing with web design, both CSS and HTML languages are to be used independently. As a general rule, HTML should always be representing content and CSS should always be representing the appearance of the content. For beginners, be familiar first with the commonly used terms in HTML which are attributes, tags and elements.

Depending on the step of the process in production, several tools are used by web designers for their work.

A reputable and creative web design company won’t mind if you ask some questions, or if you look at their operation, and see if their people are working as a team.

Designers are generally artistically minded people who may have worked in the printing industry graphic designers. They make the design, have it for your approval, and this will now be the image of your website.

Once you have approved the design, a developer takes over to convert the design into a web format in standards compliant code. After being done, you now have a brand new web design that you can show to the world.

A good web design company is one that can fulfill your needs in a website for your brands. It should be a web design company that can design your website that can attract your clients that would lead you to generating sales.

Source: Jason Silverglate